CORPORATE SECURITY - Critical Security
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Every corporate site has unique security service requirements. At Critical Security Services Ltd, we offer highly reliable, professional and quality service security officers to ensure requirements and expectations are met. This includes duties like office reception and concierge, maintaining the visitor’s log, running fire alarm tests, gaining access to the building, and overnight patrols that provide a focused approach to customer care. The Officers conduct regular building site health checks in order to keep each location performing at its optimum level. We take pride in representing our clients, and our Officers have an extremely high level of awareness of professional ethics and plan each deployment carefully and effectively.

Why Choose Us?

We strongly believe in providing excellent customer services to our clients as we represent your company and values, whilst protecting your premises, business interest and staff. The Officers at Critical Security Services Ltd will make an excellent first impression to clients, their colleagues, and visitors. The corporate environment is one in which the Security Officers are responsible for not only securing your premises, but to also represent the face of your business to the world. Our operations team supports our on-site staff to provide all our customers with an effective and efficient service.

If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance